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Small Water System Services, LLC

Responsible, licensed, contracted operators of water and wastewater utility systems


Services Include:

  • Operation & Maintenance, Repair, Sampling, Reporting        
  • Investigative Diagnostics and Repair of Existing, Troubled or Failing Systems
  • Compliance Inspections & Problem Resolution
  • Public and Privately Owned Water & Wastewater Utilities
  • New Water & Wastewater Utility Systems Development, Construction Oversight and Start-up          

*Servicing Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire*

What is a "Small Water System"?  According to EPA and Mass DEP , whenever 25 or more people drink water from a single water the source, such as a well, river or reservoir,  that source is considered a Small Water System, as well as a Public Water Supply (PWS).  The owners of the PWS are required to  have a licensed water operator  monitor and meter the system, conduct regular & routine inspections, collect water quality samples and ensure the source is safe for human consumption. See our Drinking Water page for more information.   


Simply put: when a septic system is more  complex than just a septic tank with a leaching field, then it is known as either a Title V system, an Innovative/Alternative (I/A) system, or a packaged wastewater treatment plant (WWTP). Sizes of these systems then continue on to various municipal or city-sized systems. 


Small Water Systems Services, LLC operates a wide range of  Title V, I/A and WWTP technologies and sizes ranging from small residential communities to some of the largest, mixed-use shopping plazas in the state. From dependable, older technologies such as activated sludge plants and RBC's to the most efficient, current treatment processes, such as membranes with SCADA capabilities,  SWSS has the experience and technical  expertise to operate your utility safely and efficiently for years to come. SWSS's  operators can operate and service even the most complex and troubled plants. See our Wastewater page for more information.

In addition to operating  and maintaining water and wastewater utilities, SWSS also provides numerous support services to assist in keeping your utilities operational and in compliance. These services include generator maintenance, repair and routine exercising; large and small water meter testing and calibration; cross-connection surveys, backflow testing and follow-up; Title V inspections and management services; fire flow testing through hydrants; establishment of grease trap management programs, NPDES sampling and reporting; Stormwater Management and more. See our Support Services page for more information.

Small Water Systems Services, LLC   is a contract operation and maintenance  firm, specializing in drinking water and wastewater utilities. Headquartered in Littleton, MA, we currently operate over 150 water and wastewater utility systems across Massachusetts and New Hampshire. From small utility systems with one building and no treatment, to large community systems, mixed use plazas, or entire municipal systems utilities with complex treatment equipment and distributions or collection systems, SWSS can provide the expertise and field support to run your utility system efficiently and safely, while also maintaining compliance with state and federal regulations.


Small Water Systems Services, LLC  has the capabilities and technical experience to operate and service water and wastewater utilities ranging in size from less than 2000 gallons per day (gpd) to over 1 million gpd. We work closely with our clients to provide quality operational and administrative support through continued communication, competitive pricing and a strong, focused attention to detail and customer service. With well over 250 years of combined operator experience, SWSS offers a superior service, with rapid emergency response, continual 24/7 coverage and a system-wide understanding of the problems and issues our clients face with their water and wastewater utilities.

If you are a developer, property manager, facilities manager, engineer, municipal officer, Homeowner Association Trustee, or anyone else charged with the responsibility of operations and oversight of a water or wastewater utility and have questions or concerns about your system, please call our office and speak with one of our staff members. We will set up a meeting to review and inspect your wastewater treatment plant or water system and discuss any issues or problems you may be experiencing. With SWSS as your utility contractor, you will have one of the most experienced and leading operations firms in the industry operating and maintaining your water and wastewater treatment systems for years to come.

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