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SWSS owners and employees recognize that safe, clean drinking water is as essential and fundamental to our health and very existence, as is clean air. It is also heavily regulated. The federal EPA and the MA DEP require the monitoring and testing of all drinking water wells and distribution systems for a wide variety of different contaminants.

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They also require the tracking of water treatment efficiency, chemical usage and dosing; inspections of wellhouses, pumping stations, treatment equipment and distribution appurtenances; tracking water usage through metering; backflow

protection device - testing and repair; gate exercising and water main flushing; leak                                                   

detection inspections; water main break repairs with estimates of water volumes lost; along with many, many more water system related issues and functions. 

If these services relate to the needs of your community and/or facility, please fill out the information under the "Contact" tab or reach out directly to Debbie Trumbull at: (978) 486-1008. A brief conversation will give you the information you need to choose SWSS as the best water operations & maintenance firm for your water system utility.


Public Water Systems (PWS's) are strictly regulated by state and federal government agencies. It is our job here at Small Water Systems Services, L.L.C. to keep your PWS in compliance with all state and federal Safe Drinking Water Act Regulations and Guidelines to ensure that you have a safe and ample water supply water to drink and enjoy!





Our licensed water operators visit each of our contracted water utilities on a regular basis, collecting samples as required, inspecting every element of the utility, including the wellhead itself, any and all components of the water treatment and distribution systems; including electronic controls, UV units, chemical feed apparatus & analyzers, ensuring proper dosing rates and distribution system residuals, exercising gates, valves and flushing hydrants, etc. 



 SWSS also offers the support services needed to provide your utility with the complete and comprehensive operation & maintenance that it requires. These services include, among others: answering, tracking and resolving consumer complaints; hydrant flow testing for fire supply; Cross-Connection Surveys, water treatment design, permitting and installation, plant upgrades and repairs, New Source Approvals, etc.
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