Our team of highly experienced professionals come together to ensure that our clients drinking water is safe to drink and that the waste water plants are running efficiently and most cost-effective.  We ensure that all water systems are in compliance with state and federal regulations. 

Our Owners

Deborah Trumbull
Principal & Co-Owner

Deborah founded SWSS in 1995 and is currently the co-owner, principal, and managing member of the company.  She has a B.A. in Environmental Sciences and is very active in the community.  Deborah serves on several boards of different agencies and was recently the President of the Littleton Rotary Club.  She enjoys gardening and spending quality time with family.

Bruce Trumbull
Director of Operations &

Bruce is the Co-owner and Director of Operations at SWSS.  He has a great deal of knowledge when it comes to water and waste water. His experience and hard work has helped make SWSS a leading company in Massacusetts.  He holds many licences as well as a B.A. in Accounting from Bentley College.  Bruce has been the Light and Water Commissioner in Littleton for the past 17 years.  He is an avid fly fisherman and loves being on the water.

Oso Trumbull

As SWSS''s officiall mascot, Oso brings delight to every day at the office.

Our Administration

Admin Department: 

Kim-Assistant General Manager



This departments main focus is to ensure our operators have everything they need and that our clients are happy; although they do so much more. Kim's nick name is "The Fixer" because she is amazing at solving problems. She has many important roles here at SWSS. Kelly has also proven to be a valuable asset to the company and is involved with a variety of projects here at SWSS. Wendy is a newer addition to our Admin team. She is learning fast and we are happy to have her. 

Compliance Department: 




These wonderful ladies work with the DEP to make sure our clients are in regulatory compliance. Joyce has over 16 years experience in the trade industries, which helps her here at SWSS with the many special projects she oversees.  Kristen has an Environmental Science degree as well as a Wastewater license and is a good addition to our compliance department. Chrissy is new to our team and has been an awesome addition!

Accounting Department:

            Jerry                    Sally

               Robyn                  Jill

Our accounting team works so well together. They have many years of experience between the four of them. Robyn handles the drinking water invoices, Sally does the wastewater side, Jerry helps with taxes & keeping our books balanced and Jill does a little bit of everything. SWSS is grateful to have such a talented group. 

Our Operators

Drinking Water Division

Head of DW

Dave has been with SWSS since September 2002, and was the first full time employee.  He is licensed in water and wastewater and is the manager of our water operations.  Before SWSS he was an estimator at a Book Manufacturing Company.  David is also a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, which is his favorite hobby.

Our Drinking Water Operators:

          Edward                      George

          Kevin                          Mike

          Greg                           Tony


Waste Water Division

Head of  WW &

John started at SWSS in 2015. He began working in the residential housing maintenance field in 1986 after he had been a maintenance tech in the Navy.  His work on pumps, damage control items, shipboard firefighting, fabrication and troubleshooting has given him a vast set of skills.  He is a great asset here as his troubleshooting skills have lead him to fix almost anything!

Our Wastewater Operators:

 Bob                   Gerry

 Robert              Glen

 Chris                 Mike

 Fran                   Tom

 Jeff                    Andy

   Our Maintenance Technicians:

             Ray                          Charles

            John L.                     Robert

            John M.                   Matt