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Our team of highly experienced professionals come together to ensure that our clients drinking water is safe to drink and that the waste water plants are running efficiently and most cost-effective.  We ensure that all water systems are in compliance with state and federal regulations. 

Our Owners

Deborah Trumbull
Principal & Co-Owner

Deborah founded SWSS in 1995 and is currently the co-owner, principal, and managing member of the company.  She has a B.A. in Environmental Sciences and is very active in the community.  Deborah serves on several boards of different agencies and was recently the President of the Littleton Rotary Club.  She enjoys gardening and spending quality time with family.

Bruce Trumbull
Director of Operations &

Bruce is the Co-owner and Director of Operations at SWSS.  He has a great deal of knowledge when it comes to water and waste water. His experience and hard work has helped make SWSS a leading company in Massacusetts.  He holds many licences as well as a B.A. in Accounting from Bentley College.  Bruce has been the Light and Water Commissioner in Littleton for the past 17 years.  He is an avid fly fisherman and loves being on the water.

Oso Trumbull

As SWSS''s official mascot, Oso brings delight to every day at the office.

Our Administration

Compliance Department: 
Kim - General Manager


This wonderful team ensures we are in compliance with the DEP. There is quite a bit of paperwork that goes on behind the scene and they handle the majority of it.

Accounting Department:

Our accounting team works so well together. They have many years of experience between the three of them. Jill handles the drinking water invoices, Sally does the wastewater side and Jerry helps with taxes. SWSS is grateful to have such a talented group. 

Our Operators

We have many drinking water and wastewater operators with extensive and impressive backgrounds. SWSS also has a maintenance team that works with both departments to ensure everything continues to run smoothly. 

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