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Simply put: when a septic system is more  complex than just a septic tank with a leaching field, then it is known as either a Title V system, an Innovative/Alternative (I/A) system, or a packaged wastewater treatment plant (WWTP). Sizes of these systems then continue on to various municipal or city-sized systems. 


Small Water Systems Services, LLC operates a wide range of  Title V, I/A and WWTP technologies and sizes ranging from small residential communities to some of the largest, mixed-use shopping plazas in the state. From dependable, older technologies such as activated sludge plants and RBC's to the most efficient, current treatment processes, such as membranes with SCADA capabilities,  SWSS has the experience and technical  expertise to operate your utility safely and efficiently for years to come. SWSS's  operators can operate and service even the most complex, most troubled plants, with abilities to restore functionality, efficiency, compliance and economy. See our Wastewater page for more information.

Some of our awards...


Small Water Systems Services, LLC is owned, operated and managed by Deborah Trumbull and Bruce Trumbull and located at 80 Taylor Street, in Littleton, Massachusetts. SWSS is certified as a Woman-owned Business Enterprise and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (WBE/DBE) in Massachusetts and has been in business since 1995. We currently operate over 150 water and wastewater utility systems across Massachusetts and New Hampshire, which combined, serve well over 100,000 people. We are fully licensed and insured and offer complete, comprehensive water and wastewater utility services, including: operations, maintenance and administrative services of all water and wastewater plant sizes and technologies; plus extra support services, such as system troubleshooting, pump work, electronic control work, large & small water meter testing and calibration, hydrant flow testing, gate exercising, generator services, lift station monitoring, environmental consulting and proficiency in all DEP permitting and reporting matters as relating to water & wastewater systems within the state.


Small Water Systems Services, LLC (SWSS) was founded in 1995 when DEP began to pressure non-municipal, privately owned water systems to hire licensed water operators to operate and maintain their facilities, or to become licensed themselves. One of the owners, Deborah Trumbull, was working full-time for the Littleton Water Department back then and was approached at that time to operate a small water system in the neighboring town. She saw an opportunity, said "yes" and started the company on a part-time basis. Over the next few years, the list of contracted water - and wastewater - systems grew and the company began to take shape and prosper, becoming Small Water Systems Services, LLC., or SWSS.  From a simple after-work, part-time, "side-job", SWSS has grown into a stable, successful company with over 25 employees, a 10,000 sq. ft. office building and a growing fleet of trucks. With a fully-staffed, experienced Administrative team, along with complete Water, Wastewater and Maintenance Divisions comprised of very competent, highly skilled and qualified teams of licensed operators and tradesmen, SWSS offers complete and comprehensive service to both the water and wastewater industries.


Since 1995, in partnership with our engineers, vendors and sub-contractors, SWSS has been instrumental in resolving many drinking water quality and supply issues. We have also been successful in bringing a number of failed, malfunctioning wastewater plants back into compliance in a relatively short period of time, with minimal expense. With dedication and commitment, as well as our cooperation and respect for each other, for the water and wastewater industries we serve, for the local and state regulatory agencies we answer to, and ultimately for the important services we provide to our clients, SWSS has become a strong company with a great reputation. This, in turn has enabled us to grow, be successful and become a regional leader in both water and wastewater utility system services.

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