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        Waste Water Operational Duties Typically Include:

  • Inspect all components of the WWTP regularly, checking PLC control boards, pumps and pump amps, chemical feed equipment, grinders, alarms, tank floats, status and condition of all membranes, air comprssors, generators, blowers, etc.

  • Observe hydraulics and flow of material through tanks and throughout the plant; watching for blockages and/or debris build-up on pump impellers, floats, or in piping.

  • Performing all aspects of Permit sampling, monitoring and testing required to maintain compliance with Federal, State and Local regulations governing the wastewater treatment process. Ensure all samples are collected properly and delivered to a MA state certified lab appropriately, in a timely manner and with proper chain-of-custody forms.

  • Record all findings in the on-site log book; perform all process control testing and record all findings and any resultant process adjustments in the logs and log book as well.

  • Conduct sludge-judge measurements regularly, coordinating pump-outs as needed.

  • Work with SWSS admin staff answering any and all questions for monthly DMR reporting (e-Filing).  

  • Maintain open communications with the Chief Operator regarding the treatment process and pump stations operation and malfunctions, as well as make recommendations for repairs and improvements to these systems.

  • Assist in the performance of regular and unscheduled maintenance and repairs on all plant equipment and machinery.

  • SWSS operators work on-call shift rotations in order to respond to alarms, trouble calls and emergencies, or breakdowns at the plant and pump stations.






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