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SWSS operators and maintenance crews perform almost all preventative maintenance and repairs to our systems. Along with our network of experts and professionals, we can take care of any problems or issues that present in any of our water or wastewater utilities. In addition to repairs and preventive maintnenace, our operators and maintnence staff perform a number of other related activities as well, such as:
  • Pump pulling, rebuild or replacement

  • Tank Inspections & repair (limited)

  • Generator Services: exercise, repair, inspection

  • Problem investigation and resolution

  • Line jetting (with sub-contractor assistance)

  • Membrane pulling and cleaning, repairs 

  • Grease Trap Programs (new and exisiting)

  • Odor problem investigation and resolution

  • Title V Management

  • NPDES Permit Program

  • Storm water Management

  • Water Meter Testing, up to 12" meters

  • Directional flushing

  • Gate and valve exercising

  • Backflow testing, repair

  • Hydrant Flow Testing



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