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Small Water Systems Services, LLC operates a wide range of wastewater treatment technologies including:

  • Several different types of Membrane systems such as multi-stage G.E. Zenon, Ovivo/Enviroquip and Bio-Process systems

  • RBCs (Rotating Biological Contactors)

  • Aerobic/anoxic, single and multi-stage Bioclere systems

  • Single and multi-stage FAST systems

  • Recirculating sand filters

  • Amphidrome and Waterloo systems

  • Plus many lift stations


Stow Shopping
Hinsdale WW
Hinsdale WW
Reg of Bolton
Stow Shopping WW
Pondside WW (3)
Dave Dracut Snow Storm Emergency (1)

With a staff of experienced operators and troubleshooters, SWSS has the capability and experience to analyze and diagnose any problem that may present itself in any of our plants and stations. Most often, these problems are resolved without the added expense of third party contractors.

Wastewater Contract Services include, at a minimum:

Permit Sampling, Reporting:
  • Collection of monthly influent, effluent and monitoring well samples
  • Data review and DMR report generation,  submittal
  • Ensure that all required Permit sampling and analyses be performed by a State certified testing laboratory
  • Wastewater system liaison between the Owner, DEP, local Board of Health and engineer


Inspections, Preventive Maintenance & Repair:

  • Conduct routine visits, lifting all covers to observe tanks for proper flow, volume and material
  • Inspect chemical feed system for proper operation and dosing
  • Pull and check all pumps regularly to ensure optimal performance and longevity
  • Conduct process control testing and make adjustments as needed
  • Inspect main technology components regularly (i.e membranes, RBC wheels & tanks, filter media, etc.)
  • Inspect all compressors & blowers regularly along with all valves and other components for proper operation, excessive wear & tear, etc.
  • Perform preventative maintenance and minor repairs when necessary
  • Perform  major repairs when needed (with prior client permission)
  • Conduct regular sludge judge depth measurements with pumping recommendations & scheduling coordination
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