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Drinking Water OPERATIONS

Our Drinking Water Operational Duties include, among others:


  • Conduct site visit, perform routine duties, collect water quality samples,                            monitor chemical dosing and usage, record well house meter reads, watch for vandalism, etc.


  • Submit all required water quality samples to a state certified testing laboratory (MA DEP sets sampling requirements for each water system)


  • Respond to any and all water related emergencies or trouble calls within one hour of notification. (SWSS operators on available 24/7)


  • Hands-on control of the system as needed, provide oversight and supervision of any repairs and additions to the pump station, well house or distribution networks


  • Coordinate back flow prevention inspections, repairs and reporting as required, provide in-house water quality consultation and function as the water supply


  • Perform preventative maintenance that may be required




Glasses of Water
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