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Small Water Systems Services, L.L.C. ensures that each Public Water System we service is in DEP Compliance and more importantly has safe water to drink and use! The following summary is a partial list of the various reports and forms we compile and submit on behalf of our clients:

SWSS compiles and submits all applicable DEP reports and forms on a timely basis. Many of the following forms are done soon after initial contract signing: 

  • Certified Operator Notification Form

  • Staffing Plan

  • Cross-Connection Delegation Form

  • Cross-Connection Program Plan

  • Initial Cross-Connection Survey with Form

  • Annual Statistical Report

  • Monthly Chemical Treatment Report Forms

  • Initial Coliform Sampling Plan

  • Initial Copper & Lead Sampling Plan

Other DEP Reports often required and completed by SWSS include (not all forms and reports are listed here):

  • Consumer Confidence Reports

  • After Action Reports

  • Tier I, II and III (if, when required)

  • Emergency Response Plans

  • Lead & Copper Paperwork

  • Sanitary Survey Work

  • Monitoring Waiver Applications

  • Notice of Noncompliance (NON) Paperwork

  • Forms A & B (have to do with Surface Water Infiltration)



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